Isfahanian foods

These are some Isfahanian foods that we recommend you to try in your travel to isfahan:

biryani isfahan

The meat is incredibly rich and fatty. Biryani has a browned crust, but it surprisingly collapses into a soft mince as you fork through it. We suggest you to try it in restaurants that have just this kind of food like Haj Mahmood near Jome mosque, Azam near khaju Bridge, or Shad near Darvaze Dolat square.

khoresht mast

Yogurt stew is one of the traditional and delicious foods of Isfahan. This stew is made in the original recipe with lamb neck meat, but if you are prohibited using red meat, you can also use chicken meat to make yogurt. you can find it in many good restaurants as a desert.

doogh va gooshfil

You can find these tow things separately in other parts of Iran, but Isfahanian people eat & drink Goosh e Fil that is sweet with Doogh which is made of yogurt and swore together. One of oldest shops of this is Edalat in Chaharbagh e Paein street near Darvaze Dolat square. this is not a main dish and you can have it like an evening meal.

gheimeh rizeh

Gheymeh Rizeh is one of the delicious local dishes of Isfahan Province which is made with small meatballs, chickpea flour, and fragrant herbs. Normally restaurants don`t have this meal, but women make it in their houses.


A mixture of rice flour, milk, sugar, rosewater, and palm sap on it, served in a bowl. You can find it near Naghsh-e-Jahan square in Hafez street and in an alley east of Jame Abbasi mosque.

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